About Me

Love animals?
Like more than most?
Great! Me too!

Take a look around, and see if we could make some
AHHH-mazing custom work, of your beyond fabulous
family member, with paws, hooves, wings or fins!

It all started when...

I was a real life graphic designer, working for a large company. I often found myself at my desk thinking, “How could I help more animals?”. “How could I do a ‘job’, that involved giving back to animals, and finding a way to financially support, my own rescue zoo at home?”.

I am an artist. I love animals. Naturally, I knew I had to find a way to combine my love for both, to accomplish my goal. And so I did. FERAL, was born. Leaving the corporate world behind, to work for animals, was the best decision, I ever made!

I love making memories for people, of their animal family members. Because to me personally, my children and family, aren’t of the human species. They are my cats, dog, bunnies, ratties, special needs hamster and mustang horse. All are rescues. They are all such an important piece of my life. Creating memories of them to keep forever, is what I’m constantly doing. I’m so thrilled to be able to create the same memories, for others.

I am entrusted, to make a special memory for someone. I can’t tell you what that feels like. It truly is an honor, to be allowed into your lives and the lives of your animal kids. I take this seriously, and work extremely hard, to give you a piece of art that does your loved ones, justice. Something you can cherish for always.

When I’m not creating custom pet portraits, you’ll find me with my fur family, hiking in the mountains, the dollar spot at Target or stuffing my face with popcorn, while binging American Horror Story.

I am excited to work with you, get to know your very special family members and to create something special.

Why the name?
When you choose a name for your business, you know it’s going to be the first thing, to grab attention. I wanted a name to make people think. Make people look into what FERAL, means. Get individuals to see the very animals, I am representing front and center. Get them to care.

I chose the name “FERAL”, to represent animals, that most of society deems as animals to be discarded. Animals who are disposable. Animals that are an “inconvenience”. I wanted to create a brand for the “unwanted”. I wanted to educate people about them. If I can change even one person’s understanding of these creatures, it’s a win for me!

Feral animals, are the most resilient animals around! The fight they have to live and survive, in less than hospitable environments, inspires me, daily. They inspire me to be a better person. A person who is honored, to work side by side with them, each and every single day.

FERAL is much more than just a name for me. It is who I am. I’ve fought to get here, and I will thrive! I will thrive for these animals, who need a voice!